Friday, December 19, 2008

Grizzly proxy

After Devoxx I finnaly started working on Grizzly Proxy Server.
Project page and sources tree are available.

For now proxy is not functional.
Initialy I used commons-httpclient to make connections to target server.
This turned out to be not really nice since httpclient is blocking.

My current focus is to change it to use HttpCore and especially I'm interested in NIO Extensions Module.
This will allow much better scaling, but still will relly on two difrent APIs, and I'm dont think I like having it done like that.

Once Grizzly team releases thair HTTP Client I'm going to switch to it.
So don't expect g-http-proxy to be usable right now, but keep an eye on it, and fill free to contribute.

g-http-proxy is OSGi bundle :)

Thanks for listening and stay tuned.


  1. I'm looking into writing a (reverse) proxy server and found your project. Funny that you're from Lelystad, the town where I grew up :-) (though living in Seattle now).

  2. Hey!

    Would you mind to put the code you already have in the projects svn ? that way, probably some people could help you.